Michael Diebold

The inventor · Founder & CEO
Invention goes beyond borders and silos by integrating the unusual. I believe in strong diverse teams that invent, based on research, knowledge and experience.

Founder & Managing Partner of Pinuts media+science Multimedia Agentur GmbH

Pinuts implemented several content management system-based intranets for medium-sized companies and whole platforms for start-ups during the new economy era.

In 1995 Pinuts brought Berlins first Pizza service online – Pizza Max

1999 we enabled the digitalization of Immobilienscout24 by setting up the CMS for transitioning from a paper-based process to a fully integrated digital process.

Early 2000 Pinuts developed the first version of Germanys leading price comparison platform – idealo

Pi Nuts


Pizza Max Berlin

Worlds first CE and FDA approved remote patient management

In 2001 I joined Biotronik and was responsible as Vice President Software Development for the development of worlds first medical IoT system connecting wireless pacemakers and defibrillators to a CE and FDA approved web platform.

Starting 2003 until 2005 I was involved in the second revision of the standard ETSI EN 301 839  the wireless standard for ultra low power active medical implants.




Managing director of Medical Think Tank – BIOLAB

In 2006 I developed a concept for a medical devices think tank. Starting 2008 in Zurich and one year later in Berlin I had an extraordinary team to look five to ten years into the future of medical devices therapy. In close cooperation with product development teams I was able to deliver ground breaking insights, patented technologies and disruptive therapy approaches.


Holder of 17 US and European patents in the field of medical devices and medical device security.



Masters in computer science and electrical engineering

TU Berlin

meisterwerk ventures
Founder & CEO

Found Fair Ventures
General Partner

Diebold Innovation
Founder & Managing Partner

Biolab Technology AG
Managing Director

VP of Software Development

Pinuts Media Service 
Founder & Managing Partner

TU Berlin
Computer Engineering

Born 1972