Venture Building

Valid Technology Base

Every innovative venture has a core technology established for their products. At meisterwerk ventures we continuously monitor the technology landscape through desk research and active scouting. We are in close contact with high-tech companies to learn about cutting edge developments and know about technological trends long before they appear on TechCrunch.

Product & Market Fit

A venture with a good product becomes a great venture only when it addresses the right markets. Using a proven set of tools, meisterwerk ventures discovers and builds market opportunities for the product and shapes the product development to create a useful and purposeful product people crave.

Company Framework

Having created ventures in multiple industries we leverage our know-how and networks to install a framework for an enterprise adapted to the specific industry requirements, comprising organisational topics as well as formal, legal and regulatory arrangements, finances and controlling. This ensures that the product development is embedded in a functioning company framework.

Ready to go Team

Composing a functioning team constitutes the focus and the critical path when we build a new venture. Our main task is to actively identify talent, provide mentoring and advice to individual staff members and the team on all relevant topics for the ensuring the successful growth of the venture.  We work towards establishing a community of colleagues that share our core values and have the drive to contribute.

Solid Business Plan

When first product demos survive our scrutiny, we have studied relevant markets with positive results we begin to refine our ideas through discussions in the community.  We build the legal and organizational frame work for the spin-off, bring together investors, entrepreneurs-in-residence and initial team members and compose an initial business plan. And when all things work out we form the startup company, celebrate … and get to work for taking the idea towards a meisterwerk venture.