How do you create a meisterwerk venture?

meisterwerk ventures identifies breakthrough ideas for solving unmet needs identified by users and creates companies that offer the right solutions.

We nurture ideas, grow them through targeted research and technology development. Possible applications in different markets are conceived and viable business models created. We apply our expertise and experience to find and develop the right talents to tackle the challenges for bringing the idea into a prototype stage. Members of the senior management team accompany the whole gestation process, dedicated to making things happen. The project is ready for public presentation when a validated prototype is ready.

At that stage we start to build the organization for spinning out the project into a startup company. To enable growth of the venture we offer shares to external investors for jointly working on the success of the meisterwerk venture. We remain involved and support our offspring as long as required.
Job done – masterpiece completed.

What makes meisterwerk ventures different from other venture builders?

Our interest, expertise and passion is to develop useful applications, using viable technology, combine state-of-the-art hardware with software solutions for delivering a product that user crave. The senior members of meisterwerk have a very broad, diverse and complementary background in technology, application and business that allows not only the analysis of a company, but to actually foster growth from the initial idea to the founding, using own resources and networks, building staff, creating the prototypes. We then partner with financial investors to jointly drive the successful growth of the spin-off company.

How do you compare to engineering service providers?

We are a company of entrepreneurs, not a pure play engineering company. Our thinking always encompasses product, technology, design, business and people, that’s in our DNA.

If you only need an engineering team to outsource product or technology development, usually that’s not us. But do contact us: we might be able to redirect you to one of our partners that can give support.

Is creating a spin-off the only path for commercialization?

No. While we see it as the best way for controlling the delivery of a startup company to the capital market there are options for collaboration with customers that approach us with their ideas for joint exploitation.

I have requirements in a different sector than healthcare. Will you work with me?

Healthcare is the major focus. In the past we have also executed projects in fintech, mobility, electronics and optical component manufacturing, consumer electronics and image recognition. And if ideas are interesting, projects promise fun in execution and scalability can be achieved we will be happy to talk.

Will you help me create new business?

Yes. When we engage with our customers our goal is to create a win-win(-win-win …) situation. We create value through targeted invention, technology and business innovation and a clear drive for successful delivery. We have a broad range of capabilities in business, engineering and design that allows us to step in in any stage of the innovation process.

Can you help me to rescue a failing project?

Possibly. If you are dedicated to turn around the project we may be able to bring in a second opinion on a technology, business model and/or implementation of a product development and market strategy. We do ideation workshops for creating novel ideas and intellectual property. We analyze IP portfolios to create possible product options. We streamline business processes to optimize performance.

If the project falls within our scope of interest and is critical for survival of your organization we may be interested.

How do you solicit the financing of your spin-offs?

We go the usual way startup companies go. We feel that as serial entrepreneurs we appreciate the sentiments of financing partners and prepare our spin-off companies for creating joint success. The financing instrument is individually selected for each spin-off depending on the scope, amount of capital required and exit strategy.

Can I be part of the meisterwerk team?

If you are interested in joining the meisterwerk ventures experience please contact us. We will be happy to explore options.