meisterwerk ventures spins off midge medical GmbH

midge 2016

Berlin — meisterwerk ventures spins off its first product development company midge medical GmbH. The company is dedicated to developing a blood extraction and test device. A broad range of markets are addressable, from rapid testing scenarios to individual and personalized testing at the point-of-care. “The product concept midge medical is developing a first-of-its-kind technology that will change the way we do blood testing”, says Jörn Bungartz, CEO of midge medical, “the work of meisterwerk ventures to reach this point has been outstanding and continues to be a fundamental building block for the success of midge medical.”

Starting now midge medical is seeking seed investment to continue development of the initial product demonstrator. “We are open to speak with investors that have a long-term interest and are conscious of the risk and opportunity of investing in in medical technology and are confident, that our “think tank with workshop” approach is the right way to move forward.”, Michael Diebold, CEO meisterwerk ventures remarks.

Interested Investors should go to or contact Jörn Bungartz at for detailed information.